A legend in the making

August 2021

What makes folklore become legend?

Folklore is a great or unbelievable story passed by word of mouth through many generations. Here at City West we believe we have a legend in the making.

Early in 2021 in a small side street in West Perth, brothers Hanji and Hanli Khor together with head chef Brian Kong have opened a new café. Not to be mistaken with the play on words that their clever name conveys, this sensational yet humble offering is called Forklore (yes, FORKlore!).

This witty name wordplay sits well alongside their first foray into the café scene, a revered brunch spot in Bayswater called Tbsp.

Nestled in historic Plaistowe Mews the light filled destination is everything that casual dining should be. Contemporary yet unpretentious, the interior serves as a fabulous backdrop to the brunch and lunch set of West Perth and the CBD. It is fast becoming a favourite of the local community and with food that has received stellar reviews in many publications and by online bloggers, they are off to a great start. Forklore have also managed to do the almost unthinkable and impressed the notoriously hard-to-do-so critic in Rob Broadfield, he described the café as “The shopping centre café that competes with the best” …no easy feat!

The menu is refreshingly original and while we are loathed to pigeonhole it into the overused “Asian Fusion” realm, it does bring together the best of both worlds. The concept is for the cuisine to respect its origin, and not necessarily be a fusion of regions.

You can start your day with a generous serve of eggs on toast, but if you are feeling a little more exotic try the scrambled eggs with bacon XO.

There is of course the now famous Chicken Katsu Sando, that uses Japanese milk loaf to hold the succulent contents including the fried Maryland with a jalapeño slaw and is a total winner!

Other offerings are a confit and grilled pork belly dish with fried egg and a sensational dish appropriately called Bang Bang Chicken…it’s bangin’.

Kids are not forgotten with dishes created especially for little taste palates, which also makes Forklore a fabulous mid-morning meeting spot for mums, or a post-Scitech-visit lunch spot.

For a quick on-the-go breaky or a mid-morning snack there is a great selection of pastries and sweet treats available, many have a delightfully unexpected culinary twist to them and are amazingly good. Paired with the expert barista skills of Matt who was on duty the day I was recently there; every visit has been a joy … and there have been a few, it is the total breakfast package!

Forklore marks the Western gateway to the shopping mall from Plaistowe Mews and links the mall and the laneways of the City West site found on the west of the Mews and offers connectivity for patrons of the bustling business community to the mall itself.

Whilst there is an understated, minimal confidence to the signage of Forklore, it is hard to miss this fab little gem of a café as there is always a crowd gathered around the outdoor tables or casually milling in conversation waiting for the best takeaway coffee in West Perth.

The people have spoken, our Forklore is already a local legend!

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